(tl;dr: Kei has the butthurts over PPG fanfiction)

If I read one more fanfiction description where that involves the Powerpuff Girls falling in love with the Rowdyruff boys in one way or another, I might have to hurt someone.

Like seriously, in what way are they compatible?

Canonically, they have never gotten along.

Like, at all.

Seriously, the girls get along better with Mojo, Him, and Ace more than those guys.

I mean, hell, at least aforementioned villains are occasionally nice to them.

All the Rowdyruff Boys have done to the girls is constantly attempt to grind them into dust.

They have absolutely no class or manners (which I know would turn Blossom off from any of them from the get-go, let alone all three of them).

They’re complete idiots. Destructive idiots.

They smell funny.

And let’s not forget The Boys are Back in Town, where they spent all day physically (and maybe even mentally) torturing them.

Why would anyone in their right minds willingly choose to be part of a violent relationship like that?


Also, I’m just wondering, since when do all Powerpuff Girl fanfictions have to have romance? I don’t care if you age them up or not, it’s still peeve-inducing. And maybe if it was just a little bitty side thing, it wouldn’t bug me so much.

But most of the time, the central point of the story is that one of them falls in love with either a Rowdyruff Boy or an OC.

Which makes them completely out of character most of the time.

Like basically the whole fic is them going to school, romantic shit, maybe they fight a monster or something (and sometimes damsel in distress occurs), more romantic shit, end.

Seriously, though, since when have we last seen an actionfic for the Powerpuff Girls that had no romance in it?

I seriously wouldn’t mind a fic where they’re completely asexual.

It’s not that I don’t mind shipfics, don’t get me wrong. I’ve even written a few short drabbles with BlossTwi and AkuBloss. And I’ve read a fic or two that have made shipping work for PPG. But I feel like the action genre in this fandom is really lacking, which sucks because it’s an action series.

I’m sorry, I just have a lot of feelings… *shies off*

  1. teacupballerina said: it’s been that way for years pretty much and i dont think it’s ever going to change. lol
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