full of disappointment and regret

so like we were all getting excited about this

Tintin in Haddock’s bathrobe, like, freakin’ rad, right?? like my OTP dreams are finally coming true

but two things:

1) This isn’t canon. Yeah, it’s from a parody.

2) This isn’t even Tintin. Apparently, this is supposed to be Tintin’s “evil twin,” Zinzin, who kills the real Tintin off early on in the story (or series of stories, I’m not quite sure on how many books of Zinzin there are, but they did refer to it as a “saga.”

as ridiculous as that may sound, I’m not joking 

(unimportant but I just wanted to say that I don’t speak French, I just had it translated with Google Translate)

As much as I should have seen it coming (since I’ve read each book more than an umpteen number of times) I’m still a little sad about how easily I was fooled (Tintin fan-artists were—and still are—super talented!). Still, we got to learn something about it at the end of the day!